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 iOS 6/ 7 /8 official version: no jailbreak, you can not install three network patch
1, GSM 2G: (such as mobile, China Unicom 2G card) not need jailbreak Plug and Play, normal.
2, WCDMA: (such as China Unicom 3G card) without jailbreak, normal.(V, S by GPP card
Affixed to activate the program the perfect unlock, specific, see the software download section, and other carriers without jailbreak
Plug and Play)
3, CDMA: (such as telecommunications card) can not be used.

New GPP GPPteam latest new NIC paste.
Using the new chip L1, brand new unlock procedure, the new ios software, the new guide card ----- a new GPP.

NEW chip papers
      New GPP is the new super chip L1.The L1 chip has a higher operating frequency, the more efficient processing performance, ultra-low voltage --- more power, a wider operating voltage range --- SIM cards broader applicability.REVIEW the F981 chips, although many users complained that chip fever, resulting in Cato, in the box fever phenomenon, but the F981 is still regarded as a good chip.GPP team, now need a stronger performance chip to better play our technology.
NEW Programming "
      New GPP program is developed based on two major vulnerability of the iPhone 4S system, built-in three unlock procedure.After boot, card affixed to automatically detect the properties of the SIM card, to automatically call optimal unlock program.Purposes: one, iPhone4S world phone, A5 dual-mode chip.A wide range of cards, unlock solution for a single vulnerability in the past, there is a sim card to unlock the best, while the other SIM card and can not take into account the phenomenon.New GPP card affixed to automatically detect the properties of the SIM card, call optimal unlock program, so that most of the sim card can work in optimal unlock mode, to create the perfect speed and stability unlock., GPP team never satisfied with simply solve the signal.The angle up our pursuit of perfection unlock all standing on the user experience design program.If not unlock jailbreak to install the patch, try not to jailbreak.At the same time to ensure that the premise of unlocking stability, we use a simple, fast unlock, striving to achieve the ultimate unlocking effect, allowing users to have the best unlocking experience.Third, in order to respond to the official version of the upcoming ios 6, the maximum to avoid Apple ban card affixed to risk, we enabled two different vulnerabilities unlock, built-in multi-sets to unlock the program and take preventive measures.
    Apple iPhone4S, currently known there are three ways to ban.The system blocked; the baseband blocked; operators update blocked.Update blocked for operators, its manifestations: the phone to connect to WiFi or under Connect to iTunes, the phone will automatically prompt operators to update.Click Update, card stickers that suffered the ban does not unlock.Such as the U.S. version of the Verizon iPhone4S update operators, mobile phones fall into the trap of carriers Verizon 11.3, card stickers can not work properly.GPP team The introduction of three new NIC stickers will be the perfect solution operators update ban, no worries!
NEW guide card articles
       New GPP guide card has two effects.A guide card with the card affixed into the phone, you can select the corresponding mobile phone operators.Second, the activation card function.GPP guide card can transform card affixed identity card stickers can work in almost all the different carriers lock iPhone 4S.The GPP activate the card out of consideration of the user-friendly, and the iPhone4S in heavy brush system, the need to activate the card to activate the phone.In addition, GPP guide card (activation card) card core has been cut 4S dedicated small card, the rest of the card sets can be used as reduction card.Nuances, filling us a heart.
About iPhone4 04.11.08 articles
       Unfortunately, still no substantial progress in the baseband 04.11.08 and above.Order not to disappoint the thousands of Friends of the brick on our high expectations for the past eight months of hard study, not in vain, and we never give up.At present, we have before us two choices: continue to study death iPhone4 baseband iPhone4 baseband blockade, in order to break through.Second, prior studies in April this year, there have been ICCID activation exploits unlock ios software, in order to achieve the effect of free card replacements.Conclusion
GPPteam technical team specializing in unlocking the study.Difficult to have the height.There is no best, only better!Innovation!Progress!Beyond! Finally, we welcome landing official microblogging , provide comments and suggestions to us.
Or goes, trust and support, GPPteam will do better!

NEW GPP new network card affixed to the FAQs

1, my network card affixed to other brands of F300, F981 chip can use the new NEW GPP three networks dedicated patch?
A:, NEW GPP new exclusive three networks patch is not specially designed for the L1 chip high-frequency characteristics, and using the F300, F981 NIC chip stickers can not properly use this patch.

2, why my Chinese telecom card last has been no service?
A: This situation may be because of the non-standard telecom card cut card lead to poor contact with sandpaper or whetstone, grinding SIM card under 5 side.

3, why I telecommunications call 5 seconds disconnection?
A: Make sure this telecom card is not a new account card or new re-submit the SIM card, please look for a lock or ordinary CDMA handsets, the time signal, 10000 or any other number in order to activate Your telecommunications Card.

4, NEW GPP, China Mobile card, the signal full grid, not China Mobile "can not be normal phone, Internet, send text messages?
A: This is because the call to the baseband network standard file system error, please use the guide card function: 4S Network standard repair function.Methods of operation: Single insert GPP guide card (Do not put the card stickers), boot into the desktop, wait 1 minute, remove the guide card back into the mobile card you want to use (with card stickers), waiting for you.

5, I installed a new three networks dedicated patch NEW GPP, why will pop-up operators to update?
A: NEW GPP is crack update operators are not shielded carrier updates, update prompt will still pop up, but click update would not suffer carriers blocked, please rest assured.

6, NEW GPP in USA verizon and sprint 4s mobile card, jailbreak, do not install the patch has been normal use, Does this pop-up operators update, you can click on the update?
A: Yes, this NEW GPP crack the carrier update is the card affixed and software crack double, double insurance, please be assured!

IOS 5.11 (containing the following system):

Add patch after jailbreak, perfect use GSM, WCDMA, CDMA

See also the GPP --- New GPP
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