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Nano GPP

Nano GPP
Product name : Nano GPP
Item : 004
Details :
      Nano GPP(stop production)

      Nano GPP GPPteam the latest iPhone 5 unlock card affixed applicable to GSM cards, namely China Mobile, China Unicom (GSM) fully automatic unlock without jailbreak, plug-and-play. Internet, phone, SMS function perfect use.
      Currently applies only to unlock GSM cards can not unlock 3G card, so the scope for the Chinese mainland. Stickers are developing 3G card unlock card, your support and trust, the GPP would do better!

iPhone 5 USA Sprint iOS6.0、6.01、6.1 、6.1.1 、6.1.2 、6.1.3、6.1.4 users to download address: GPP V4.0

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