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GPPLTE Pro 2(Stop Production)

GPPLTE Pro 2(Stop Production)
Product name : GPPLTE Pro 2(Stop Production)
Item : 010
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GPPLTE Pro2 Professional LTE 4G Smart Cloud Card, the Unlocking Card Matches Card without Lock Effect like activated mobile phones. No need for complicated operation, easy to use. It’s the highest cost performance SIM card on the market.

 "GPPLTE PRO 2 Global cloud smart gpp card"  Perfect and stable unlock features:
       This time’s unlocking avoids the restriction of the server in the first activation, and has got the network license for the best result of unlocking.
In future, if Apple’s server bug were patched, users who acquired network license by normal activation methods would still work as usually providing not to unlock bootloader online (updating system via OTA is acceptable, i.e. through setting-general-software-update), not to erase iPhone, or change sim card.
This process resembles hacking(restriction won’t happen if bug hasn’t been patched) that has not influence on official or hacking unlock. When patched and have to change the sim card, the only way is to choose other methods and accomplish imperfect unlocking (meaning giving up this stable and perfect unlocking).

Notes before use:
Standard Nano card is required for this, otherwise may result in poor contact, sim card not detected, or even damage device! Standard size is 0.68mm which is much thinner than trimmed card of 0.83mm. In case of trimming card, make sure it meets the thickness and also polish the edges.

When insert sim cards with GPPLTE Pro 2, the phone would pops out activation page. Select according to notes. The mobile phone start receiving signal after entered system.

Feature: Perfect, stable, and get the using effect as phone without lock.
GPPLTE PRO 2 Global Cloud Smart Sim Card
The first network group that unlocks FDD, 4G+ perfectly and stably.
Suits for any locked iPhone
Suits for any operator’s SIM card (not CDMA)
Suits for any ios version. Need not bootloader, need no softwares.

GPPLTE  PRO 2 group’s capstone

This GPP card supports: iPhone X,8P,8,7P, 7, 6SP, 6S, SE, 6P, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, etc. exactly any phone with lock in the world.

The effect of 4G unlocking this time is perfect, stable.
 Accomplished iPhone6 to iPhone X global TDD-4G network perfect unlocking.
 Accomplished iPhone5c to iPhone X global FDD-4G network perfect unlocking.
Accomplished iPhone5, global WCDMA network perfect unlocking

Our definition for STABLE is: won’t lose signal, won’t miss phone calls
Our definition for PERFECT is: FaceTime, iMessage, local number, CID, message, MMS, calls, internet, won’t automatically send international messages. Everything is like unlock iPhone.
This is GPP capstone work. It’s also the leading work of SIM cards!


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